The Hot Box Girls
The Hot Box Girls is an international brand of All-Singing, All-Dancing, Musical Showgirl Varieté with troupes based in New York City and Vienna.

The Tappin' Times Company
There's a hot new act in town! Viennese choreographer Dagmar Benda has brought together ten young professional tap dancers to form a brand-new, all-female tap dance company.

The Dome Singers
Founded under the dome of St. Michael's church in Vienna, The Dome Singers is an a capella group that feels at home in a wide range of styles. These three musical soulmates sing everything from sacred music to jazz and pop in perfect harmony.

Vienna Big Band Unit
Newly formed by German big band guru Markus Geiselhart, the Vienna Big Band Unit is currently focused on performing a special "100 Years Of Thelonious Monk" program, featuring wonderful arrangements by Bill Holman, John Clayton, Markus Geiselhart, Swantje Lampert and Matthias Rüegg.
Vienna Big Band Unit

Blueberry Jam
Classic jazz duo featuring pianist Gerhard Buchegger and vocalist Clara Montocchio (optional trio and quintet formations).
Blueberry Jam Demo

Elias & The Yiddish Maidels
Songs in Yiddish - piano virtuoso Elias Meiri brings together operatic soprano Shira Karmon und jazz mezzo soprano Clara Montocchio to perform beautifully jazzed-up arrangements of Klezmer tunes and traditional Hebrew songs as well as compositions by Elias Meiri and Timna Brauer.